Dec 13, 2016

Dec 5, 2016

Beautiful Failures!

Student works (process prints) from this semester's 
"Hacking: Materials and Production Methods" class at Penn State. 
(photos: Julio Diarte)

Sep 24, 2016

meet my lovely city bike "gidon.v2"!

Gidon was this pretty one right here: link
I had to sell it before moving to State College. 
And, yes, we moved to State College, US this August. 

Jan 27, 2016




Jan 10, 2016

And here is a very nice photo that I've came across on Instagram of the 1m3 lanterns hung outside in the campus area. 

Basic Design @ Bilgi | Lanterns

The first-year students of the basic design studio group where I'm co-teaching with Bulut Cebeci, Birgül Çolakoğlu, and Elif Ensari have designed their final lantern works as open source, do-it-yourself projects and built this website (link) to share their designs and know how. Each lantern comes flat packed with a guidebook and a video. From building of this website to the creation of the guidebooks and the videos, the process evolved as a collaborative group work in which each student took part. 

In our group we followed a different track. Each group produced their works in two different scales: 1m3 lantern to be hung outside and one with a 50cm diameter which they developed as a DIY project. The difference in size and the necessity of the smaller one to be easily produced by everybody eventually required intricate shifts in geometry, materials, and joint details. 
We wanted to make a series of all the 10 lanterns such that each will share a common language in their instruction manuals, videos, photos, lighting details, and packagings. So once the groups advanced in their designs, we asked them to form new groups in which the original members of the project groups were mixed. A sub-group produced the instruction manuals, another one took and edited the production videos, another one took the photos of all the projects, one other group was responsible of the packaging design, one group designed the website and one group generated a common detail to hang the lanterns and bought the lighting equipments. So, in the last 10 days, all the students worked together collaboratively in our group to generate the "big picture". 
We now have plans to find a sponsorship to mass produce the DIY ones using moulds (instead of laser cutting which is costly) to cut the parts and the boxes,sell them in museum shops and donate the benefits to ÇOÇA - an initiative at Bilgi who develops projects for children. We've been thinking of this from the beginning and foreseen the necessity of this shift in the production method to reduce the costs. This is a reason why we didn't challenge the students to break away from the symmetry and wanted each group to produce their lanterns with no more than 3 different parts (= 3 different moulds). 
All of the cutsheets of the lanterns will also be available open-source on the website once I'll find the time to apply a little make-up to the website. 
So overall, this was the process in our group. I'm really glad of what the students did at the end. Their enthusiasm still excites me :)

Dec 20, 2015

Coming Soon!